Configuration MPLS - VPN Router Juniper On GNS3

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The goal of this simulation was to design, implement and verify a MPLS Layer 3 Virtual Private Network. The task included building a functioning MPLS Network that consists of the MPLS Backbone together with a Customer Edge and the Customer Site quipment’s. The MPLS Backbone was to consist of the Provider Devices and the Provider Edge devices, which is used as a connection point to the Customer Edge devices. The MPLS was to only function
inside the MPLS Backbone and the Provider devices were to be connected using internal BGP. For the connection between the Provider Edge and the Customer Edge, external BGP protocol was to be used.

MPLS is basically a standard used in the speeding of the delivery of packets across different platforms. By using MPLS, the area that is in the MPLS Backbone is connected using the internal BGP. This is the only area that the MPLS information is to be communicated. For the area between the Provider Edge and the Customer Edge, external BGP protocols is to be used and does not need any MPLS information or configuration. Then it is needed for an MPLS Layer 3 VPN to be built above the MPLS network; which is normally from the Service Provider. This Layer 3 VPN is used to deliver and ensure connectivity between different customers in varied geographical locations. The next task is to assume that either of two PE equipment is running the Juniper´s JunOS IOS. This then necessitates the configuration to make the two, which can either be a router and a switch to communicate with each other and thus allow flow of packets between them
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