Error 691? Reasons And Solutions / Router And Desktop (AGT Knowledge)

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Error 691 reasons & Solutions.. Router and laptop / desktop. watch full video..

In this video..
Error 691 main reasons
Error 691 solutions | router / laptop - desktop
MAC authentication failure
Change MAC address | router / laptop - desktop
Creat PPPoE dial-up connection

Q :- How to find old router's WAN mac address?
A :- If you have your old router and you have access to the router, you will get a WAN mac address in the device status. Or. At the bottom of the old router you will find a Mac address on sticker. That's the LAN MAC address. There is only one digit difference in LAN MAC and WAN MAC address. If the last digit of the LAN mac address is 4 then the last digit of the WAN mac address is 3 or 5. The LAN mac address is given below bottom of the hardware, whereas we need a WAN mac address.

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