Juniper SRX Zones - Yasmin Lara

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In this recorded webinar, SLI Instructor and 3x JNCIE Yasmin Lara covers Juniper SRX Zones, one of the building blocks of security features in Juniper SRX-series firewalls . She talks about what zones are, the different types of zones (including functional, security, and the junos-host zones), the host-inbound command, and the packet processing of control and transit traffic.

This webinar is part of SLI's neXTpertise mentoring series. To find out how to access more videos like this, check out neXT LIVE 365 at Sunset Learning:

Key Topics:
What is a Zone? – 2:05
Zones in the Logical Packet Flow – 7:58
Zones and Routing Instances – 12:14
Routing Instances, Zones and Interfaces – 14:03
Zone Types: Security, Functional, System-Defined, Factory – 16:53
Traffic Examination – 25:58
Exception Traffic Examination – 27:23
Zone Configuration Procedure + Example - 31:25
Junos-Host Zone + Example – 38:36
Monitoring Zones and Traffic Permitted into Interfaces – 41:28
Functional Zone Example – 43:13
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