How To Create PCAP Packet Capture On A J-Series Or SRX Branch Device

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This video explains how to create a PCAP packet capture on a Juniper Networks J-Series or SRX Branch device, which can be read via Wireshark or Ethereal. This is a troubleshooting strategy for IPv4 protocol traffic. In some cases, it may not be possible to have a PC or server available for Wireshark, Ethereal or tcpdump capture. In such cases, the following Juniper Networks devices can perform a packet capture without them:

All J-Series devices
SRX300 Series

Here is a summary of the steps involved:

1. Configure forwarding options
2. Configure a firewall filter for packet capture
3. Apply the firewall filter to the desired interfaces
4. Commit to activate the packet capture
5. Copy the packet capture file from the SRX or J-Series device, and view it with your PCAP utility

Please note that the PCAP packet capture can only capture IPv4 protocol traffic.

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