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We compare the desktop VPN software from 4 of the top VPN providers in the world to find out who has the best VPN software.

VPN's who's software we tested (in order): PureVPN, Private Internet Access, Vypr VPN, Hidemyass pro VPN.

What we looked at:
We do a hands-on look at all the most important software features for each VPN provider, highlighting what makes their software exceptional and sets it apart from average VPN software. These VPN's offer proprietary features and software that you just don't find in other VPN providers' software.

Standout features include:
- Split tunnelling (pureVPN)
- Secure ipBind (hidemyass)
- Encrypted cloud storage, Chameleon VPN (vypr)
- Vpn kill-switch, dns leak protection, zero logs (pia)

Helpful links, and offers:

read our pureVPN review:
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Private Internet Access
Full PIA Review -
Visit PIA - (1 year package is only $39.95)

Our VyprVPN Review -
Visit VyprVPN -

Discount offer: The above link includes a promo-code for 50% off your first month with vyprvpn if you sign up.

Also, vyprVPN is giving away 5gb of free encrypted cloud storage, no purchase required.

Read our HMA review -
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Extra information about these VPN's


Purevpn is including free smartdns service with any VPN purchase (a $5/month value). Packages start under $50/year. PureVPN is ideal for HD video streaming, unblocking geo-restricted sites, and circumventing firewalls at work, or internet censorship in countries like china, iran, etc.

Among pureVPN's best features, are their unique 'split tunneling' option which lets you route only specific programs through your VPN connection, instead of all your web traffic. they are the only VPN to offer this feature.

They also include SSTP stealth VPN protocol, making it very difficult to detect your VPN traffic (great for getting through firewalls).
visit purevpn -

Private Internet Access
PIA made this list for ease of use, rock solid security features, and the fact that they keep no VPN logs (there are only a few vpn's in the world that don't keep connection logs).

PIA offers better value for the price than any VPN in the world, and a 1 year subscription costs only $3.33/month.

PIA also includes FREE PROXY SERVICE with every vpn purchase and allows you to connect 5 devices simultaneously on the same account. Most vpn's only allow 2.
Learn more here:

Vypr VPN:

VyprVPN has impressive reliability and server stability. They have servers in over 30 countries and are constantly expanding.

They stand out for their 'chameleon' stealth VPN technology which disguises 256-bit openVPN encrypted data as regular SSL web traffic making it virtually unblockable.

They also include free 'DumpTruck' encrypted cloud storage with any VPN purchase, so you can safely access your most critical files where every you go. Only you have the decryption key, so even VyrpVPN can't access your files. It's incredibly secure.

We also loved vypr's easy to use interface and sleek design. They also built a vpn kill-switch into their software as well as dns leak protection, giving you maximum security and anonymity online.

Special offer. If you sign up with this link: you get 50% off your first month.

You can also get 5BG of Dumptruck encrypted storage free.

Hidemyass VPN:

Hidemyass really set the standard for excellent VPN software years ago. They were the first VPN to really take their software to a new level.

They offer tons of extra features including:
- Automated IP address rotation
- Smart server selection
- Secure IP-bind (advanced kill-switch technology)
- In-software speed testing


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