Fortnite Mobile Android VPN Error

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APK with the device/GPU/RAM check disabled, fully spoofing the Note 9 
(may cause lag/overheating): 

 Fortnite APK

APK with the device/GPU/RAM check disabled, fully spoofing the Note 9 (may cause lag/overheating), as well as the Safety Net check disabled
 (warning: This may cause account bans)

APK with the device/GPU/RAM check disabled, but does not spoof the Note 9 to the game. This will not work until the 12th August when Epic open the beta fully, but should be better on the lag front (as it doesn't give the game the wrong info)

Still have promblems this might help

1) Got the "You were removed from the match due to internet lag, your IP or machine, VPN usage, or cheating. We recommend not utilizing VPN or proxy services while attempting to play Fortnite" error?  We are not sure what causes this. Removing the Safety Net check appears to make no difference, so it's not checking that. I cannot find anywhere else in the APK where it's reading the appsignature - but it may be doing it in native code. If that's the case, I cannot do anything about it.

Some have reported the issue being resolved by landing in trees, or using a mobile data connection. It's also possible the check is random, and doesn't happen every time - or that your connection genuinely is bad or you simply lost connection to the server

Please do not post about getting this error in this thread, unless you have found some way around it. All it's doing is clogging the thread up with the same thing over and over again.
2) Got "App not installed"? If you have another Fortnite build (a leak or release build, both count), uninstall it first then install this. Otherwise, your device does not meet the compatibility requirements

3) Got an error involving Safety Net, ADB or root? Make sure your device passes Safety Net, you have enabled Magisk Hide for the game (not just overall) and have disabled ADB/USB debugging. You can also try using the less-safe, Safety Net disabled APK

4) Got the 3GB RAM issue even with the RAM patched APK? The error your are seeing appears to be in native code, and is caused by a genuine lack of RAM, so it can't be solved

5) Got an error where it says your device doesn't have OpenGL ES 3.1 support or floating point render target support? Your device isn't compatible

6) Game crashing during optimisation? Your device isn't compatible
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