Solo Insurrection Prime Phase 1 (Post Patch) [Destiny 2]

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Destiny 2 Joker's Wild - Solo Insurrection Prime Phase 1 Post-Patch / Solo Phase One Insurrection Prime After Patch in the Scourge of the Past Raid / Solo Scourge of the Past. Just a video showing a solo of the Scourge of the Past raid encounter Insurrection Prime Phase One, after the hot-fix that prevented being able to hit the same console twice. Details below.

Bungie changed this encounter compared to how it initially was; you can no longer melee the same console twice to get the 2x buff. Meaning you need to defeat two Servitors between each round to spawn a tank. This opens up a lot of RNG to the fight, making it a lot different to before and having a lot less time to work with as a result.

It also seems that the tank missile reset doesn't function like it did before, doesn't reset as reliably as it once did and had a few other people test it and confirm the same. Could be wrong, just couldn't ever have it consistently reset all my missiles, regardless of jumping out faster or slower.

Not too difficult overall, because skill-wise it's actually a very straight forward encounter with a little RNG sprinkled on top. However, the encounter itself is incredibly inconsistent to the point it just makes no sense. The boss health changes every attempt making the damage very inconsistent. You could do 1.3 million and break it one attempt, then 1.75 million and still not break it. You can use a VPN or Net Limiter to guarantee the boss has low health more consistently, but I think using external tools to make a solo possible or consistent is cheap and wouldn't want to do that unless it's the absolute only way possible (which it's not in this case at all). So the only option is to grind attempts until you get that one lucky one where the boss takes enough damage to allow for the solo, and this happened to be it.

As for the rest of it, Skyburner's is used to deal with the Servitors due to their tracking and how the bullets arc. A huge help was the Fallen Rejuvenation mod which allows you to get a Healing Rift back every Major you kill, and there's a lot of those during the fight. This was done during The Revelry where you get bonus orbs from precision hits, however I didn't utilize this or any Revelry buff as you can still get your Super back every round regardless of the extra orbs. Could've made it a lot easier to have a Super every single damage phase, but wanted to make sure I didn't use the event.

Full credit to both Streak and Ouch for this solo. Streak for being the first person to ever complete this, and having also completed this post patch showing it was still possible, albeit quite a bit harder than the original solo. Ouch for discovering the Skyburner's method to hit the Servitors which is what made the whole solo possible in the first place (outside of getting lucky with Grenade Launcher hits). Both their channels can be found below, I recommend following them both!


My PC setup is nothing too crazy at all, but the specs are:
i7-8700, GTX 1070, 16GB DDR4-3000 Ram, 256GB SSD, 2TB HDD.

Allows me to run max settings at constant 60FPS while recording. Which is about all I need for now :)

Keybindings can be seen here (with 1800 DPI):


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